Trustee Meetings

Woodbury Library Trustees

Minutes of March 20, 2017 meeting

Scribe: Ginger Etkin, Secretary

Present: Brandy Smith, President; Carol Meunier, Immediate Past President; Brett Stanciu, Librarian; Ginger Etkind, Secretary; and Tonya Ewen, Cindy Gordon and Jack Travelstead, Trustees.

Meeting began at 4:10.

Review of and results from the Pie Breakfast (P.B.) fundraiser of March 18 took most of the meeting.

Carol noted that her checklist showed 163 Adults, 24 children and 7 ‘under fours’ were in attendance for a total of 194 customers (or more as some may have been missed). The gate was $1,237, with an additional $133 from the sale of whole pies. Donations for the P. B. totaled $145.

As of the beginning of the meeting, $1,354 had been received for Silent Auction (S.A.) items, with an estimated $1,000 still due. More folks arrived throughout the meeting to pay for and collect their items.

There were two incidents with the S. A.: one retail price was altered upward on a bid sheet, which resulted in a person bidding and paying $25.00 for a $4.00 item, not a $40.00 item. The money will be returned to this person and the situation explained – the price tampering is clearly evident on the bid sheet.  Brett volunteered to take care of the $ return and discussion with the person wronged.

Despite the bid sheets clearly stating that bids are to increase in full dollar increments, not fractions of dollars, some were increased by $0.25 or $0.50. Carol noted that she informed any bid winners of the issue with at least one person declining to make the leap to a full dollar increase. At least one person also bid on the wrong sheet, and ‘won’ an item they didn’t expect.

Assignments for volunteers were discussed at length, and some alterations were suggested for next year. Among the changes is designation of a S. A. tables volunteer to monitor the bids and items, and generally keep items neat. Minor tweaking of other volunteer positions is expected to enhance everyone’s experience.

Jack noted that the kitchen is small and the pies are many: a pie rack is needed. Jack has volunteered to create this in time for 2018 P.B. Ginger volunteered to make a cover of netting for the rack.

Lists of items and tweaks to bring for, or add to, the Friday night set up were briefly reviewed. These will all be stored in the P. B. binder, along with organizational information specific to the Silent Auction and pie procurement. The pie ‘Call List’ will be compiled and reviewed for updates prior to entry into the P. B. binder for next year. Ginger will be the pie point person for 2018.

Carol will transfer all of the forms and fliers for P.B. from her personal computer to a thumb drive for our use.

Brett noted that Suzy and Goddard Graves did most of the work organizing and setting up and breaking down the book sale. The sale was a rousing success raising $156 and bringing many new people into the library. Trustees are all appreciative of their hard work!

Following the P.B. review, the regular agenda resumed.

There was no treasure’s report, pending P.B. deposits and bills. The Librarian’s report noted local author SEAN PRENTISS and his not local friend, the poet TODD DAVIS will both be reading at the Library on Friday, April 7th. Refreshments will be served (cake!).

There were no minutes from the last working meetings.

Brandy reminded the board that they needed to elect a Treasurer. Jack Travelstead was elected unanimously. Carol volunteered to work with him for the next two months or so, to help get P.B. squared away and until he was comfortable.

Discussion occurred about how long to keep what library records. Brandy will check with the VT Library Association to see if there are rules about this.

Open meetings reviewed. Trustee’s meetings are public and open to anyone who would like to come (although only Trustees vote). Minutes of Trustees meetings, once approved by the Board, will be posted on Front Porch Forum and the Library’s social media page(s) by the Secretary or Librarian. The Town Clerk will also receive a copy for posting in the Town Office.

Battery on the Library phone has been discharging quickly. Brett will follow up with Susan re did we get another phone already? Or get one.

The board decided that the third Wednesday of each month continues to work for regular Board meetings. They will now be from 4 to 5pm, in the Library. Next meeting will be April 19th.

Minutes- Woodbury Community Library Trustee Meeting

June 22, 2016

Attendees: Susan O’ Connell , Brandy Smith, Susan Delphia, Harry Daily, Carol Meunier,

Absent: Heather Lamphear

Meeting called to order: 5:35 PM

*Library Report: Attached Report

*Susan O’Connell has stated that she will be resigning her post as Librarian.

(No date as of yet)

*Susan O’Connell will be creating a job description for the Librarian position.

We will advertise locally when we have a date from Susan O’Connell .

*Harry Daily resigned from the Treasurers position due to family and work responsibilities.

*Carol Meunier will be taking the Treasurers position until they find a replacement.

*Carol Meunier has moved to East Montpelier which means we need to also fill the President position. Carol has agreed to stay on until position is filled.

*Insurance: Brandy has found out that the Library can get a policy through the Woodbury Town. Brandy is looking into price of policy, Also Brandy will call Bruce to help with getting a Contents Estimate, the library has 5400 books approximate cost per book is $10.00 each.

  • Discussion: We should back up all the library files on flash drives.

  • There was talk about giving Brandy Smith approval up to $500.00 for supplies and materials needed for the library.

*Meeting Adjourned 6:20 PM , Motion made by Brandy and Seconded by Susan Delphia.

*Next Meeting dates: July 27th and August 24th, 2016

Submitted by Susan Delphia, Secretary

Minutes- Woodbury Community Library Trustees June 1, 2016 Meeting

Attendees: Carol, Suzi, Brandy

Absent: Harry, Heather

Meeting called to order at 5:45 PM

This is an informal meeting as we only had 3 Trustees

We are still looking for information regarding Insurance for the Library.

We have not paid Fair Point yet waiting on more information regarding estimate.

Saturday Library Hours: No decisions made regarding this and Suzi and Carol can not work Saturdays.

New Business:

New meeting dates as followed:

June 22 @ 5:30 PM

July 27 @ 5:30 PM

August 24 @ 5:30 PM

If was mentioned that a monthly financial report would be beneficial for the Trustees.

Meeting Adjourned: 6:10 PM

Susan Delphia

WCLT ~ Secretary

Agenda for May 18, 2016


  • Call meeting to order at 5:30 pm
  • Librarian Report
  • Secretary Report
  • Treasurer Report
  • Old Business: No new information on the phone bill. Fair Point is working on it.

Brandy any word from VLCT on the insurance?

Staffing for the Library on Saturdays, what is the trustees thoughts on this?  Email from Susan, did you all read this?

  • New Business: nothing at this time
  • Round Table
  • Adjourn meeting

Agenda for May 4, 2016

  • Call meeting to order at 5:30 pm
  • Librarian Report
  • Secretary Report
  • Treasurer Report
  • Old Business: Insurance—Cacky Peltz sent me information from OSSU, one page on the schools coverage. May I have the board’s permission to talk to someone and get an understanding of this?  Then pursue with VLCT with Brandy’s help?

No further information from the 6th grade class, what is the boards wish on this?

WCL/School sign–Cacky Peltz replied to my question, what is the proper title for the school.  Patti Garbeck and Carolyn Stewart are here to discuss this with us.

Staffing for the Library on Saturdays?

  • New Business: nothing at this time.
  • Round Table:
  • Adjourn meeting

Woodbury Community Library Trustee Meeting

April 06,2016
Attendees: Carol Meunier, Harry Daily, Susan Delphia, Susan O’Connell, Heather Lamphere
Meeting called to order at 5:35 PM
Minutes signed by all, Motion from Harry , second by Heather
Update on Elected : Harry Daily (VP/Treasurer) and Carol Meunier (President) have been working together to revamp the budget spread sheets for the treasurer and Trustees.
Pie Breakfast was a success and a profit of $4133.96, Susan sent out Thank you cards.
PTO: 6th Grade Class Trip to Boston (?) The Board has approved a donation of $500.00 and the board will match up to $500.00 more.(Fund raising from the 6th grade class.) Deadline for funding the match is April 30,2016.Next year this donation will be determined by the current board.
Librarian: Susan O’Connell has cataloged the Library books (except books signed out). She has looked into Grants and has applied for a few. These grant are for books, Lego collection, If funded we will start a Lego club. Program ideas are to a few, Story Telling, Summer Programs, etc..
The board voted to purchase a refurbished computer for the Library at the cost of $102.50. Motion by Heather, Seconded by Suzi all in favor of the purchase.
Susan Delphia: Secretary will open Library for Swenson Granite on April 19th at 5:15 PM, Susan O’Connell , Librarian will need to contact Susan Delphia with code for door.
Old business: Still looking for information on Insurance for the Library.
Meeting adjourn 6:30 PM
Next meeting: Wednesday,April 20th at 5:30 PM at the library
Submitted by Susan Delphia, secretary


Woodbury Community Library Trustee Meeting Agenda for April 6, 2016

Treasurer Report

Secretary Report

Harry and Suzi are doing a good job

Susan, Thank you for writing the paper Thank You ad.

Thank You was sent to the World, have not heard back from the Gazette.

Old Business:

Kacky Peltz and I are working on getting information about the insurance and how to proceed with that. Brandy had contacted the state and I am trying to answer all the questions.

New Business:

Skip Linsay and I have talked about the computers.  The town computers are as old if not older than what we have.  The town will also keep them for 2 years and then they will be available for sale/etc.  We can get into the same program and purchase a new computer with programs for about $1200.00.

I need a volunteer to have the community room open on the 19th of April for a hearing being held by Swenson Granite, who can do this?

Is there a spare key for the lock box?

Reminder: April 9th at 10 am we are having training with Susan here at the library.

Round table:  any other business

Adjourn meeting

Woodbury Community Library Trustee Meeting March 23, 2016

Attendees: Carol Meunier, Harry Daily, Brandy Smith, Susan Delphia, Susan O’Connell the librarian.

Meeting called to order at 6:00 PM

New Member Susan Delphia was welcomed to the committee

Elections of officers:

President elected : Carol Meunier  Nominated by Harry Daily and seconded by Brandy Smith

Vice President/Treasurer elected:  Harry Daily Nominated by Carol Meunier and seconded by Susan Delphia

Secretary elected:  Susan Delphia Nominated by Harry Daily seconded by Carol Meunier.

Fund Raising committee: Carol, Susan D., Harry, Brandy and Susan

  1. Joint Governance was signed by all Trustees
  2. Harry Daily was thanked for hanging up the banner and all of the volunteers working at the Pie Breakfast Fundraiser. The Pie Breakfast was a big success!
  1. The Library Trustees develop a plan to help the 6th grade with their fundraiser. The committee’s plan: The Trustees will donate $500.00 and will match up to an additional $500.00 of student raised funds.
  1. Thank you’s will be sent out to the following: Vale &Earleen Leach, Lisa & Patrick Flood, Lisa Reynolds, Ms. B and David Zahn.
  1. Susan (Librarian) will create a General Thank you for the Hardwick Gazette and The World Paper regarding the Pie Breakfast. There will also be an article in the Town Report 2016 with Pie Breakfast Pictures.
  1. The Friends of the Library no longer exists, we will be recruiting new members this coming fall.
  1. Library News: The library wants to dedicate a corner of the Library to : “ Linda Tucker with a show case of a pair of Mittens, knit by Linda”. The library is in disparate of an updated computer for the front desk. Also looking for  Coffee Maker for the library. We are looking into having Saturday hours approximate hours 9 AM to 11 AM with some volunteers.  A meeting is set for April 9th to train volunteers who have shown some interest.  Also mentioned possible fundraisers: Storytime, Holiday readings, “Socials”.
  1. Trustee Phone and Email List is being updated by Susan O’Connell for next meeting.
  1. Meeting Adjourn at 7:30 PM
  1. Next Meeting is Wednesday , April at 5:30 PM at the Library

Submitted by Susan Delphia, secretary