A Quick Run-Down of Some Reading Options

One great pleasure about working at the Woodbury Library is reading new books, and finding gems in the stacks. In the world of children’s books, I recently read the hilarious Mean Margaret by Jon Agee about  a tyrannical toddler.

Triangle is a brand-new book by Mac Barrett and Jon Klassen — inventive and clever with fantastic illustrations.

A new adult book is The Stranger in the Woods, a nonfiction account of a long-term hermit in the brushy Maine woods.

Still a few silent auction items and pie pans left to pick up — and stop in to check out a book!


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Thank You, Woodbury!

The Woodbury Community Library most gratefully thanks the town for, once again, supporting our budget at this year’s town meeting. I hope all of you have time to visit the library this year, whether to check out a book, use a computer, wifi, or interlibrary loan service, attend a poetry reading or lecture, or just to stop in and say hello.

Remember that Woodbury Pie Breakfast is this Saturday, March 18, from 8:30-10:30am, with a near-infinity of pies, live music, and a silent auction.

At pie breakfast, you might see local writer, Sean Prentiss, with his wife and baby daughter. Sean will read with guest poet Todd Davis, at the library on Friday, April 7, at 6:30pm. Come enjoy a pleasurable reading, with cake and tea.


Library chalkboard art

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During school break, the library has been a little quieter, and I’ve had a chance to sort through some library things.

To my joy, I found an incredibly detailed and meticulous history of Woodbury, including the stories of earliest settlers, family records, and a great deal about roads. Please feel free to stop in and peruse this fascinating reading.

And if anyone knows where the so-called “Egypt” section of Woodbury lay, would you please let me know?


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Library Happenings, Midwinter

A few new books at the Woodbury Community Library are Mothers Who Think, a collection of nonfiction essays, and Connect The Stars, a children’s chapter book. A reminder that our hours are Mondays and Wednesdays, 1-5 p, and Saturdays, 10am-noon.

Susan O’Connell has two more maker labs on the next two Wednesdays. Almost twenty children attended last Wednesday’s e-textile workshop. Thanks again to the Woodbury Fund for sponsoring these workshops.


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Library Update

Although it’s been blustery and snowy, the Woodbury Library gets terrific light, and is well-lit and warm. The next three Wednesdays are Pop-up Maker Labs with Susan O’Connell. These begin after school at 3 pm; everyone is welcome to attend. No preregistration is necessary.

Chris Bohjalian’s new novel, The Sleepwalker, was just returned by a patron. Although there was no school today, the craft table was busy with card making. Just a reminder that the library is open Saturday mornings, with both young basketball players and knitters dropping in.


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Howard Frank Mosher

A few years ago, I heard Howard Frank Mosher read from his new novel, God’s Kingdom, in the Hardwick Town House, on a fiercely cold night. The heat had been off in that historic building, so all of us, friends and strangers alike, huddled together. We laughed so hard that merriment warmed up us. I still have no idea who I sat beside, but I really enjoyed those two women. That was Howard Frank Mosher, a man who made us love words, and love who we are.

Howard Frank Mosher – premier among Vermont writers, most generous patron saint of aspiring writers, a man who emanated humor mingled with wisdom, and just general niceness all the way around – passed yesterday.

Here’s tribute in Seven Days worth a read.

If you’re in the library tonight for cake (5:30 pm) and the loon talk (7pm), check out one of Mosher’s books, where he’ll always remain.

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Why Read?

On this Martin Luther King Jr. Day, The New York Times published an interview with President Obama about how important reading is to him. Here’s a brief excerpt:

Fiction was useful as a reminder of the truths under the surface of what we argue about every day and was a way of seeing and hearing the voices, the multitudes of this country….

And perspective is exactly what is wanted. At a time when events move so quickly and so much information is transmitted, the ability to slow down and get perspective, along with the ability to get in somebody else’s shoes — those two things have been invaluable to me.

Obama also mentions the most recent novel he’s read – Colson Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad, available in the Woodbury Community Library.


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Library News

The library now has a copy of Woodbury resident writer Sean Prentiss’s nonfiction book, Finding Abbey: the Search for Edward Abbey and His Hidden Grave. I highly recommend this book – and desert reading makes for great January reading.

Just a reminder to knitters/handworkers to come Saturday mornings, 10am-noon. I’ll be glad to teach basic casting on, and how to knit and purl. If you have needles and yarn, please bring them, but I’ll also have extras on hand. Experienced handworkers of all abilities heartily welcome.

Come drink coffee and talk.


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Winter Reading Time

On the winter solstice, last Wednesday, the Woodbury Elementary schoolchildren visited the library for their weekly all-school read-aloud after lunch. Later that afternoon, a number of children returned for a lantern craft.

This week, between the holidays, the library is open. Now is a good time to get going on some winter reading! Or just stop in and check out the library’s new chalkboard.


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Handwork Saturdays in January

In addition to keeping an eye on that community ice skating rink for winter fun, I’m hoping to have some handwork happen at the library, beginning after the holidays, on Saturday, January 7. Library hours are 10am-noon, Saturday mornings. It would be great to have both experienced knitters and other handworkers join in with beginners.

If anyone has pattern suggestions for novices, and needles and/or yarn to donate, I’d gladly begin a collection for general use.

Next Wednesday, December 21, for the solstice, we’ll be making a slightly more involved glass jar lantern craft after school at 3pm. Parent assistance would be greatly appreciated!


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