Pie Breakfast Thanks

The trustees of the Woodbury Community Library would like to express their gratitude to the many, many people who helped to make the Woodbury Pie Breakfast a success.   The dozens of bakers who brought pies and quiches are vital to making this event happen, and we thank every baker who contributed their delicious goods.  The volunteers, the sixth grade students, and parents who helped coordinate the baking, served pies, set up tables, and cleaned up put in many, many hours to make the event run without a hitch.  The musicians contributed to the festive atmosphere and kept us all entertained.  Local businesses and individuals donated products or services to the silent auction, which is a key part of the fundraising activity.  We are also grateful to everyone who came to the breakfast, ate their fill of pie, bid on the silent auction items, and bought books at the book sale.  The strong community showing makes a huge difference in the success of this important fundraising event.    Thanks to all of your efforts, almost $4,000 was raised for the Woodbury Community Library.  Thank you to everyone who baked, ate, donated, played, bid, and bought at the 16th annual Woodbury Pie Breakfast!


Carol Meunier
Harry Dailey
Suzi Delphia
Heather Lanphear
Brandy Smith

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